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How to get into the NEW Westjet Elevation Lounge for FREE?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As you might be able to tell from the name of this blog, I take pride in getting deals and freebies on quality experiences. So when I'm traveling, accessing and enjoying airport lounge for free is one of my jam.

Recently, I was flying from Calgary back to Toronto and had the opportunity to check out the new Westjet Elevation Lounge, which was opened on Nov 2, 2020 (Yup, during Covid!). Of course, the access for myself and a friend was free with the Priority Pass Membership that comes with my Amex Platinum card. You can checkout the full review in the video below!

How to access?

If you don't have a Priority Pass Membership that comes with your credit card, you can also access the lounge for free if you are / have:

  • Westjet Reward Platinum or Gold - Unlimited Access + up to 5 family member + 2 free guest vouchers per year

  • Westjet Reward Silver - 4 pass access per year + 2 free additional guest vouchers per year

  • Traveling on their Business class 787 Dreamliner (link to previously announced route, which of course has changed due to Covid)

  • LoungeKey, LOUNGE CLUB and Diners Club members based on their membership

You can also pay to per use at $59 for Westjet travelers and $65 other airlines. But let's be real, who pays for lounge access these days anyway?

Where is the lounge?

It's located at the Calgary International Airport, Domestic terminal, Concourse B. Even thought it's in the Domestic terminal, international passengers can access as well. Only those traveling to the United States can't access. To be honest, this lounge is more hidden than we thought, not a lot of signage (or maybe I'm blind) and we had to ask a few people to finally find it.

Covid Protocols

The protocols during this period is pretty standard. Must wear a face covering. Must sanitize hands before entering. Order via a QR code that leads you to their menu directly online. Once your food is ready, the server will bring the food directly to your table, so you don't need to leave your seat once you sit down and removed your mask.

Food and Drinks

The lounge starts serving breakfast from 7am to 11:30am and then 11:30am onwards, they switch to their Lunch and Dinner menu and start serving alcohol. Here is a picture of the menu but again, you have to order through their website.

Since we arrived to the lounge at around 11am, we were able to try both the breakfast and the lunch menu. For breakfast, we ordered the Hot Breakfast and a Fruit Plate with croissant.

The hot breakfast had a big portion of eggs, bacon and potatoes. The fruit plate had thinly sliced melon, cantaloupe and apple, but the main surprise was the croissant. Even though it was not warmed up, it tasted like one of the croissants I've had in Paris! It was THAT good! Next time if I go back, I'd ask them to warm it up for me, I bet it will even be more delicious.

For the first round of drinks, we got a latte (left), the Principals without Boundaries cocktail (middle) and the signature Westjet Elevation Cocktail (right). Seriously, wow! The cocktails are so good, and they definitely did not cheap out on the alcohol! I'd pay $15 for this cocktail if I'm going out for drinks, which says a lot considering how cheap I am!

Right after we devoured breakfast, we ordered lunch. The special of the day is Alberta beef brisket, which is what I ordered, along with a butternut squash soup.

Holy moly, when I put the brisket in my mouth, it literally melted. This beef brisket reminds me of a meal I had at Canoe in Toronto ($$$$ restaurant), but this is better because it's free! It was so good that I ordered a second serving! Even the mash potato and beans were good sides I would add extra money for at a restaurant. The butternut squash soup tasted fine and probably got over shadowed by the brisket a bit.

For the second round of drinks, we got a Cave Spring Gamay Noir red wine (left), Most Daring Soprano cocktail (middle) and Shadier than a Palm Tree cocktail (right). The Shadier than a Palm Tree drink has a smoked cinnamon stick on top of the drink, the attention to details on these drinks are impeccable! Kudos to the bartender!

I was very very pleasantly surprised by the food and the drinks. For those who have been to the Amex Centurion lounges, known for their food and drinks, I'd say the Westjet Elevation Lounge was just as good if not better!

Based on a back of the napkin math, this meal would probably be at least $75 CAD per person if I were to enjoy it at a normal restaurant, with 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 fruit plate as dessert, and 2 drinks each (we were a group of 3 that day). However, all this we enjoyed for FREE with our Priority Pass (also free)!

Overall super impressed with the new Westjet Elevation Lounge. Hopefully, they can maintain the quality and service next time we visit! Have you been to the Elevation Lounge lately as well, leave a comment about your own experience.

Until next time,

Your BC Girl

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