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How to get brand new Adidas shoes for $9!

As you can tell by the name of this blog, I like to enjoy nice things at a fraction of the price! There is one place that I often check for deals on name brand shoes, clothing, bags, kitchen gadgets, electronics, etc. This well kept secret, which not many people have discovered yet is...Amazon Warehouse Deals.

I first came across Amazon Warehouse Deals through my friend. I went to her house and saw literally hundreds of pairs of shoes, and she told me she got some of the cutest flat, booties, rain boot, heels and such for dirt cheap price on Amazon Warehouse Deals. So I decided to check it out.

How to Access Amazon Warehouse Deals

If you're on, you can search it on department drop down menu, "Amazon Warehouse Deals". Here is the direct link.

Once you're on the page, you'll notice that the webpage looks a bit different than the normal Amazon site; there are different categories to choose from. I usually use the left hand side panel to filter by categories when digging for a good deal on Amazon Warehouse, as it's more comprehensive than the icons.

If you're on, you can also find the page on the drop down menu. But notice that on the US site, it's called "Amazon Warehouse" instead of "Amazon Warehouse Deals". To-may-to vs. To-mah-to, no biggie. Here's the direct link.

The categories are also a bit different compared to the Canadian site.

What is Amazon Warehouse Deal?

Essentially, Amazon Warehouse sells returned products. Now you might think "I don't want to use anything that other people have previously used". Well, from my experience, all of these products have never been used and have been certified or reviewed by some Amazon employees to ensure they are like new and not defective.

On average, the discount on these products are typically at least 50% off, often times, up to 90% off, making them a really good deal for bargain hunting! All the products are also subject to the same return policy as regular "new" Amazon products, meaning you can return them if you don't like it, giving you additional assurance.

When you buy an item from Amazon Warehouse, it'll be categorized into different levels of "usage":

  • Used - Like New

  • Used - Very Good

  • Used - Good

  • Used - Acceptable

I've purchased products from all different levels and honestly, even at the lowest level "Acceptable", I find that most product are not used, but the original packaging might just not there, which isn't a big deal for me!

You'll find the usage level of the product when you click into it, and there will be a brief (likely standardized) description of the usage, like these shoes below:

Tips on Amazon Warehouse

1. Filter, Filter, Filter Because there are so many different products on Amazon Warehouse, it'll take forever to look at every single products. So the best advice based on my experience is use the filter options when searching for a good deal. For example, when I look for shoes, I usually filter by the gender, the shoe size and sometimes the types of shoes I want (athletic vs boots vs sandals, etc.). Of course, if you are just browsing, then the least amount of filter applied would give you the maximum results.

Below is a screenshot of how I typically filter and add the products to my cart.

2. Buy Now if you really want it. Save for Later if you're not sure.

Since these are returned products, often times there are only 1 or 2 of them in stock at the significantly reduced prices. If you see something that you really like or want, my advice is to buy them right away, as they might be gone a few hours later (yes, I'm speaking from experience on lost out The North Face winter jacket for $50!).

If, however, you are still not 100% sure of whether you want to buy or the price is not as low as you'd want, my suggestion is to add it to your cart and "Save for Later". Here's the thing, if there is nobody buying the products within two weeks or so, Amazon will drop the price, in the attempt to get rid of it. That's right, prices on Amazon Warehouse can drop even lower! Typically, I've seen ~10-20% drop in one go, and if there is no one biting still, they will continuously dropping the price until it's gone.

Therefore, if you're not sure, add the item to your "Save for later" list, and when the item's price has dropped to an ideal price, check out immediately!

3. Take advantage of Cross-border trips

Typically, has a lot more inventory and more options when it comes to Amazon Warehouse products. Therefore, whenever we head south of the border to America, we would order items from Amazon Warehouse. Some hotels allow you to ship parcels without additional fees, but what we found most convenient is actually ship it to the Amazon lockers.

With Amazon lockers, it's available 24 hours and you can unlock it with the code that Amazon sends to your email when your package is delivered to the locker. The only thing to remember is that the item will only be available in the lockers for 7 days. If you don't pick up, it gets sent back to Amazon. This means, you will probably want to time your order date to 1 to 2 days before you travel.

Likewise for those visiting Canada from the States, you can do the vice versa and order things that might not be available on or take advantage of the weaker Canadian dollar!

My stash from Amazon Warehouse

Over the years, I've basically purchased at least one item from Amazon Warehouse every 2 week. The most common categories I check out are:

  • Shoes and Handbags -> Shoes -> Women

  • Shoes and Handbags -> Handbags

  • Home & Kitchen -> Kitchen & Dining -> Small Appliances

  • Sports & Outdoors -> Snow & Ice Sport -> Skiing

  • Clothing & Accessories -> Women -> Outerwear

Here are some of the prizes from my deal hunting sessions on Amazon Warehouse:



Kitchen Appliances

Ski Equipment


And more...

For those who have setup 2021 New Year Resolution to save more money, Amazon Warehouse might just be the thing you need to fulfill the resolution without trade off to buy new things!

Until next time and Happy New Year,

Your BC Girl

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